Construction Film and Vapor Barriers

04 Sep 2012

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Vapor barriers are typically defined as  a plastic or foil sheet used  for damp proofing that resists diffusion of moisture through the walls, ceiling and floors of buildings and of packaging. Building codes have classified vapor barriers as having a water vapor permeance of 1 perm or less. Vapor retarding materials are generally categorized as: Impermeable, semi-permeable,  or permeable.

Insulation alone is often not enough to keep heat from escaping. Most of a buildings heat loss is from air movement or air infiltration through the walls.

Construction companies need vapor barriers. Plastic vapor barriers or vapor retarders from Atlantic Poly is polyethylene sheeting or construction film which provides simple, versatile and inexpensive protection to keep the warm air from escaping through or around the insulation and other building components.

It can be used in numerous industrial, agricultural and construction applications. Contact Atlantic Poly for more information.