Custom Made Pallet Shrouds and Pallet Covers

19 Feb 2013

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Packaging in the form of polythene bags and shrouds comes in all shapes and sizes, many types of  thickness, and can be welded at the bottom or side. Some bags and shrouds are printed in various colors.  Pallet covers and pallet shrouds are also used.

Custom made plastic shrouds can be made in many different  sizes to fit all types of objects and pallets. At Atlantic Poly there is no minimum order.  Our shrouds and pallet covers can also be manufactured in low density, anti-static, mil spec material films.

Many manufacturers need to cover palletized products. But all manufacturers’ needs are different. So, there are different designs of low-density plastic material with which to do this. For different uses the shrouds are manufactured differently using colors, prints, shrink capabilities, resins, and recycled.

If your company uses pallet covers contact Atlantic Poly to get a quote today on custom made poly bags and shrouds.