Dumpster Liners have Many Advantages

23 Jul 2012

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Disposable dumpster liners for roll off dumpsters, trailers and railroad cars from Atlantic Poly are heavy-duty plastic liners that are made from both virgin and recycled polyethylene. Our unique design puts three thicknesses of plastic at the bottom of the container for added leak protection, virtually eliminating tearing. Dumpster liners are perfect for transporting both solids and sludge, providing more protection.  

Atlantic Poly stocks a wide selection of dumpster liners or custom liners can be manufactured to your specs.

Advantages of using dumpster liners:

  • Easy and fast to install from the inside or outside of the container
  • Fast and clean disposal
  • Safer transport of hazardous or liquid materials
  • Leak protection
  • Keeps dumpsters cleaner
  • Dust control

Dumpster liner options:

  • Available on a roll or folded in a box
  • Multiple packaging options
  • Sides ranging from 66" to 144" in height
  • Thickness range - 3 mil to 10 mil
  • Quantity discounts are available

Contact Atlantic Poly for information on tough roll-off dumpster liners.