Gallon Size Plastic Bags Made with Renewable Energy

25 Jul 2011

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As you already know, plastic bags are easier on the environment than paper. Atlantic Poly is where you can find gallon sized pleated plastic bags that are even easier on the environment than most. The uses and markets for polyethylene or poly bags are virtually endless. We have many sized and styles of plastic bags in stock too.

Atlantic Poly's layflat and gusseted bags are the perfect blend of technology and source reduction. They are made with 100% renewable energy from sources like wind and solar power. Our eco-conscious line is fully recyclable, completely non-toxic and performs so well, that you can feel confident using lighter gauge bags. It’s easy to source reduce with Atlantic Poly's layflat and gusseted bags.

Atlantic Poly medium and large layflat and gusseted bags are made from proprietary formulations. These plastic bags are engineered to provide three times the impact and twice the tensile strength of traditional low density polyethylene bags. They are formulated to provide better performance at lower gauges. That makes Atlantic Poly's layflat and gusseted bags easy on the environment, too.

Lighter density plastic bags are a good choice for items that are not heavy and require only a basic shield from their nearby environmental surroundings. Heavy density poly bags keep your goods safe from harm in more abusive environments where dirt, dust, moisture, and motion could damage your goods.

If you are looking for gallon size plastic bags, or any other size, contact Atlantic Poly.