Improve Your Bottom Line and Help the Environment with Plastic Bags

30 Apr 2012

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Many businesses use stretch film and pallet wrap for either shipping or storing, poly bags and films and LDPE and HDPE plastics. If you are, you can help your bottom line and help the environment.

If you are using the above products then you are also disposing of the above products. In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, Atlantic Poly would like to help you in your recycling efforts. At Atlantic Poly we use recycled plastics for our recycled plastic bags and roll-off dumpster liners. If you are disposing of the above products we offer a pick-up service for this material after it is “baled” anywhere in the country. 

By removing these plastic materials from your wasted stream, you

  • Help your company's bottom line
  • Help your environment
  • Reduce your waste disposal costs
  • Potential for value of materials recycled
  • Possible tax benefits for recycling material

Don’t forget, the plastic will then be turned into other products like our recycled plastic bags and roll-off liners. Please contact Atlantic Poly if we can help in your recycling efforts.