Manufacturers and Renovators Can Use Dumpster Liners

15 Aug 2011

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Roll Off Dumpster Liners are massive garbage bags for the dumpster. However, the thicknesses, colors, sizes, chemical make-ups, uses, manufacturing techniques, and packaging decide how effective they will be.

The dumpster liner that will best suit you depends on your companies specific needs. There are different dumpster liner requirements for different jobs.

Roll off Dumpster Liners are used daily by concrete, asbestos abatement, and environmental services companies to contain materials which may be hazardous to our health or the environment. In many cases, environmental laws require dumpster liners.

The dumpster liners are easy to use and quick to install.  Daily, manufacturing companies and builders produce liquid refuse or semi-solid refuse. These companies are a perfect fit for dumpster liners.

Mainly black opaque in color and thicknesses, dumpster liners range from 3 MIL thick to 12 MIL thick. The most popular container sizes are 20, 30 and 40 yard. Liners are also made for larger applications such as railway trailers and truck trailers. Contact Atlantic Poly for a quote on traditional or larger sizes.
Our dumpster liners or BinSkins are easily installed by one person and are designed to have an overhang on each side, so that the liner may be secured by tying it off to hooks, and taping or tying in knots to avoid having it blow off.