Market with Plastic T Shirt Bags

02 Jul 2012

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Printed T Shirt bags from Atlantic Poly are very affordable. They can also be used to help market your business.   T Shirt bags and other plastic bags can be made from any density film, depending on how you want to use them.

The most common type of custom printed plastic bags are the T-shirt bags. T Shirt bags have handles and side folds. They can hold a substantial amount with a substantial amount of weight as a result of their design.

Plastic T-shirt bags are mostly found in supermarkets and delis. Because they are inexpensive, they can be custom printed and still be very economical for most businesses to afford. As a result of their low cost, many businesses will add trademarks, logos, and contacts.
Additionally, T-shirt bags are not single-use. According to statistics, they are used 2-4 times on average, depending on their size and strength. You can choose the size and shape, and the color of the film. Contact Atlantic Poly for plastic bags made for you in the shortest possible time.