Paper or Plastic Bags?

22 Mar 2013

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There is quite a conversation going on nationwide about paper vs plastic. It seems like quite a bit of the public is uninformed about the impact that paper bags have on the environment. From manufacturing to transporting to storing and disposal, paper makes a huge impact on the environment, more so than consumers believe.

Did you know that paper bags use 300% more energy to produce and cause more waste in manufacturing? They are also bulky and heavy to store and transport. Paper bags emit methane in a landfill as well.

Recyclers can be playing a bigger role in letting a skeptical public know about the environmental advantages of plastics and plastic bags. That was some of the message to a major meeting of plastics recyclers in New Orleans.

In response to a question about the plastics industry's image problem and how recycling — one of the fastest-growing plastics sectors — can help, it was decided that recyclers can help combat some of the misinformation and "junk science" that hound plastic bags and plastic packaging.

There's an issue with the public’s perception of plastic, it needs to change. The critical role that plastics recyclers can play to help set the record straight about plastics was also discussed.

The plastic industry is spending "in excess of $5 million" to defend against bag bans.

72 municipalities have bag bans, but there are no statewide bans. There are 19,000 U.S. municipalities that have not restricted plastic bag use.

No matter how many plastic bag bans go into effect, we are not going to ban our way to a cleaner ocean. What needs to happen is better education about plastic, its effect on the environment and recycling.  A proper approach to plastics need to be approached regarding waste management and including recycling.

Shale gas is having on the U.S. economy, specifically the plastics industry. SPI is helping to sponsor a report that will come out later this year that will include detailed information about the impact of shale-gas on plastics.

Recycling plastic bags and plastic films is important because this valuable material can be made into dozens of useful new products such as low-maintenance fencing and decking, building and construction products, shopping carts, and of course, new bags!

Atlantic Poly’s Envirotech Recycling Division is ready and able to help reduce your business' carbon footprint and improve your company's bottom line. We manufacture AND recycle plastic product lines.  If your company disposes stretch film, pallet wrap, and or plastic bags and films, we can remove this material from your company's waste stream and turn that would-be waste into usable American-made products.
For more information on our Envirotech Recycling Division or on plastic products, contact Atlantic Poly.

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