Polyethylene Plastic and Disaster Preparation--Is Your Business Prepared?

14 Mar 2011

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Our hearts pour out to victims of natural disasters worldwide.  Today, we focus on the immense suffering of the citizens of Japan.  Sadly, the recent events in Japan serve as a stark reminder of the importance of business “disaster preparedness”.  Obviously, for the Japanese business owners who took the wave head-on, no amount of disaster prep would have made a difference.  However, just beyond the wave perimeter, unprepared business owners are “sunk” because they now lack the ability to protect investments from the elements.
Polythylene Bags
Closer to home, this winter's massive snow crushed protective shelters all across America and exposed business plant, property, equipment, and inventory to the elements.  Those owners who manage a proactive disaster preparation program maintain custom-made Poly Shrouds and Bags to blanket irreplaceable business machinery that don’t respond well to water.   

We never get away from the threat of high winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, and water.  Somewhere today, a business owner in America will be victimized by the unexpected and will soon realize the immense value of his ready stock of Atlantic Poly Polyethylene Roll Stock sitting ready in the warehouse.  

No business can afford to allow disaster prep to be an afterthought.  Atlantic Poly stands ready to both prepare you for the unexpected and to help you sleep better at night for so doing.