Polyethylene Shield Protection

21 Dec 2010

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Ever wondered what the clear plastic wrapping in houses that people use? Well its polyethylene shield that protects the material under it from being ripped torn or damaged. And being in the poly business this is one of our high quality items that we offer. We offer our “pro shields” for any type of flooring such as:

The carpet shield. This is a clear, self-adhering protective film for all types of carpeting. It is a highly resistant material and wont tear or puncture.  There is a regular or reverse wound for ease of application. And the recommended application time is 45 days.

If you don’t have carpet flooring then our hardwood floor shield is for you. Again it is a self-adhering protective film for hard surfaces, such as, tile, vinyl, VCT, laminates, marble, granite and factory finished hardwood. It is a multi-purpose product that can be used to prevent damage to tubs and counter tops. This type of film is ideal for use during construction, remodeling, painting, etc. Again like the carpet shield this application time is 45 days. Plenty of time to get those projects out of the way.

Finally we have the pro shield, this film cover provides the ultimate protection for all of your flooring needs and not only that but this film cover is reusable. The top side absorbs up to 10 times its own weight in moisture and the bottom is slip resistant and water proof. The film is lightweight so it rolls easy for a simple installation and is easy to carry. This material is very flexible and can be cut to fit any space and works well on either side. Since this is a reusable film you can re roll it up after use and if it gets dirty it is easily cleaned with a broom, hose or vacuum. Contact us today if you have any questions about  polyethylene type products.