Polythene mailing bags

16 Nov 2010

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Polythene mailing bags are prepared out of blown film process. A small plastic pellets usually called resin are being melted in regulated conditions to make it more flexible and pressed to circular forming an incessant plastic tube. The tube is being pinched on the other end, then inflated and stretched according to the size and thickness of the mailing bag. This process of making the polythene bags is specifically intended for different purposes and benefits.

Some benefits that our poly bags have are accessible in many sizes types, styles, and with diverse types of cushioning. They also look sleek and proficient. The bags are functional for flimsy items and can shield all of your postal items. If you need to have your logo or name on them, they can be custom printed in large quantities for you. Like all of polyethylene products they are reusable, so you won’t be wasting and hurting the environment.

Among these are the advantages why plastic mailing bags are good enough for your postal needs.

  • Save Time and Labor - These self-seal or heat-seal closures produce a more tamper-evident seal and tape. These mailing bags are designed to support easier packing.
  • Save Inventory Space - products store flat and do not need extra void fill or cushioning, minimizing valuable space
  • Greater Security - Permanent self-seal flap closure. Once they are sealed, they stay sealed
  • Save Postage - total shipping weight is reduced
  • Improve Productivity - especially important in periods of peak demand
  • Increase customer satisfaction - provide superior protection with no waste, no mess or lost items.
Polythene mailing bags are particularly made to provide security and performance to weight ratio that you can trust, for packing heavier items, or confidential papers. These bags have different sizes of heavy duty self-seal poly bags to choose from. These bags have lots of color and sizes to choose from. All of our bags accept address labels, stamps and pen. Contact us today to find out how our polyethylene products can make your business easier.