Product Manufacturers--Polyethylene Stretch Film Saves Operations Costs

10 Sep 2010

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This blog post goes out to any and all product manufacturers.  We all realize all too well that product damage loss takes a direct hit on net profit.  When you strategize how to reduce damage loss, have you considered implementing Atlantic Poly Inc's low-cost Polyethylene Stretch Film in your manufacturing and shipping process?  You absolutely should as it can and will save you thousands of dollars.

Stretch film is an exceptional security measure when transiting pallets either within your warehouse or when shipping by land, sea, or air. Stretch film provides an overall superior option to tie straps because stretch film provides arguably greater pallet stability at a fraction of the cost.  After reading this, take a look at last year's investment in tie-straps.  Not only do they wear, they often do not return from the distant shipping end.  

If you are storing, let us know as we can accommodate to your stretch film needs and serve as good protection for your products. If you inform us of the conditions that your products will be stored in (i.e. in the warehouse, in an outdoor lot, etc.) we can ensure which will be the most effective for you. All wraps will help protect your stock from dust and moisture, which can also reduce the risk for mold and pest infection as well. If you will be storing your pallets outdoors, this can also help protect your boxes from UV damage. The wrap can also reduce friction damage from box to box, as sometimes boxes rubbing against each other can scratch or tear if not protected by the film.

We will provide you with a wrap that is easy to see through so that you can easily determine which product is on which pallet. However, this clear wrap can also serve another purpose - it can serve as a prevention and warning sign for internal tampering or pilferage. Businesses are most at risk from internal theft rather than external theft - by placing this wrap on all of your pallets, you can easily tell if one has been tampered with, allowing you to get to the bottom of the situation faster. This will also dissuade employees or intruders from stealing products, saving you much time and money.

If you are not currently using stretch film on a regular basis, you should conduct a financial assessment of stretch film vs tie straps.  We can help you do this.  The bottom line is will save time and money in the long run by using stretch film.  Oh by the is recyclable too.  We'll be glad to talk to you at length about the many stretch film options available to you.