Protect the Environment and Employees

01 Nov 2011

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Construction and demolition companies as well as manufacturers and hospitals should use drum liners.  In so many industries there is the potential to exposure of hazardous chemicals or blood and body fluids.
Spills of these materials in the work environment or in the waste disposal centers pose health risks to employees and the environment.

The use of drum liners affords additional security against leaks and spills. DrumSkins™, Poly Plastic Drum Liners provide an extra level of safety, reliability and protection, especially when used for dense or viscous materials. Drum liners are the perfect solution in keeping chemical contents separated from other materials and waste products.  

Using drum liners will help maintain the level of safety and security that your workplace needs. If you need to maintain high standards of safety or OSHA regulations, look into the use of drum liners.  

Chemicals such as oils, fuels and other materials can all contribute to pollution and the many chemicals in the making of products and the resulting wastes are made and/or used in manufacturing. Drum liners can add an additional layer of safety and security to people's health and the immediate surroundings.

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