Recylced Bags - What are they really?

09 Jan 2010

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What is a recycled bag? Blending recycled resin with virgin resin creates a recycled content bag. There are currently no guidelines in place stating what a “decent” blend would be.  Making a 100% recycled bag is not recommended because doing this would compromise the strength of the bag. Our recycled bags are normally mfg. from a 30/70 blend. (30% Recycled/70% Virgin) The recycled content can consist of one of two different types of feedstock…post industrial scrap**(See Below) or post consumer scrap.**  In theory, a “recycled bag” should cost less than a “virgin grade bag” but, because of a fluctuating market this isn’t always the case. (The scrap still has to be processed, cleaned and mfg. into a usable form)  Also, recycled bags tend to be cloudier and must be mfg. from at least .0015 thickness to maintain strength.

Customers have also inquired about printing the Recycling Logo on the bags. This can be done, and we do it for many of our customers but it does become a “custom” run and adds to the expense of the bag.

  • Post Industrial Scrap---Material collected primarily from Industrial and Manufacturing facilities. This material tends to be cleaner and of more consistent grade.
  • Post Consumer Scrap---Material collected primarily from the retail/consumer market. This material tends to be less clean and normally has to be put through a “washing” cycle which can lead to a more expensive end product.