The Uses and Markets for Poly Bags are Endless

23 May 2011

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The uses and markets for polyethylene or poly bags are virtually endless. Whenever you need to protect an item during storage or shipment, Atlantic Poly can supply a poly bag that is right for the job. Lighter density poly bags are a good choice for items that are not heavy and require only a basic shield from their nearby environmental surroundings. Heavy density poly bags keep your goods safe from harm in more abusive environments where dirt, dust, moisture, and motion could damage your goods.

  • Do you need branded plastic bags or printed poly bags with your logo or company information, or to support a cause with a targeted message? We have the capabilities to imprint poly bags in up to eight colors on two sides.
  • Gusseted Poly Bags provide a precision fit for boxes, drums, or other packaged goods. Gusseted polyethylene bags and wicket type poly bags are used for applications where the shape and style of the poly bag is critical to how it will be used.
  • Atlantic Poly offers clear low cost zippered bags are made for repeated uses. Besides having a long life these Quick Zip Bags meet FDA/USDA specifications.
  • Flat Polyethylene Bags are our most economical solution to many of your plastic packaging needs and requirements. Our inventory includes millions of Flat Poly Bags in hundreds of sizes. Flat poly bags are used where a clear presentation at a low cost is required.