American Made Shrink Film Services - The Final Critical Element to Customer Fulfillment

11 Mar 2022

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Atlantic Poly, Inc - Shrink Film Services

In order to safely bring your products to the market, wrapping them in shrink film delivers a sense of provider excellence. Shrink film does much more than protect your product during delivery, it communicates to the recipient that this is not one to cut corners. This cements your reputation and brand. Shrink film it builds profitability by playing a key role in the fulfillment process.

Shrink film is the perfect way of wrapping products to secure and protect because it has a tamper-resistant seal that will protect the product and keep it in good condition. To name a few of the shrink wraps commonly used are the PVC shrink wrap products or Polyolefin (POF) Shrink wrap products. In order to know the difference, the PVC shrink wrap has a higher tear resistance and it is commonly used in wrapping DVD and CD cases, gaming disc and other software boxes. On the other hand, the Polyolefin (POF) shrink film is the most popular shrink film because of its versatility. It is safe for use with food products. The characteristics of this shrink film has a high clarity, puncture and temperature-resistant made of 100% recycled materials and perfect for bundling multiple items together. Through these shrink films it will bring your product to the customer and give customer fulfillment from the look to the feel to the longevity of the products.

The most admirable feature of shrink film or shrink wrap, it shrinks around the product that creates a seal when it is exposed to a heat source called the heat sealer. It provides an efficient way to prevent tampering and through this film it is customizable to add labels and attach theft prevention devices. It comes in different materials that each has its own unique benefits. It is a versatile material used for packaging and you will see it everywhere.

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