Anti-Static Bags Are Essential for Electronic Components

23 Nov 2018

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Atlantic Poly Anti-Static Bag

Businesses that manufacture, store, or ship electronics or electronic components cannot afford to run short on anti-static bags. These bags are special type of plastic packaging that protects electronic devices from damage caused by electrostatic emissions.

When electronic devices come in contact with one another, they are susceptible to defects and damage caused by electrostatic discharge that both devices can emit. For this reason, ant-static bags in Manchester, NH are used by store owners and manufacturers to protect products from ESD damages. Especially when preparing electronic items for shipping, it is unavoidable that these devices are stacked up or often in contact during transit. To avoid damage, it is highly recommended that all electronic devices and components are enclosed in high quality anti-static packaging.

Anti-static bags come in two variants. The pink variant offers a cost-effective method of eliminating the risk for static upsurge in devices that do not need faraday cages. They also bear warnings of containing static sensitive items. Additionally, there are bags with metallic laminated shielding which are indicated of highly sensitive items which require faraday cage protection. These bags have an inner layer that protects the contents from external sources of static.

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