Anti-static Bags Efficiently Protect Electronic Devices and Components - Norwood, MA

09 Jul 2014

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Anti-static bags in Norwood MA are used to provide affordable and reliable protection for devices and other electric components which are static sensitive. These usually include electronic products having anti-static requirements such as computer motherboards, electronic circuits, memory cards, optical drives, and internal electronic components.

Since electrostatic discharge is common in most types of plastics, an anti-static agent is added to polyethylene to make anti-static polyethylene bags. This is to completely counteract the natural tendency of polyethylene to accommodate charges. This then makes anti-static polyethylene bags a practical plastic product that can be used to protect electronic devices and equipment while being shipped to customers all around the world.

Anti-static packaging materials are made to avoid the effects of an electrostatic field that can put certain electronic products at risk. They come with multiple layers of protection against mechanical damage and electrostatic discharge. These packaging materials make it possible for the protected products to reach their designated destinations safely.

Anti-static bags can either conduct or dissipate electrical charges to protect the products in them. A conductive anti-static bag conducts external static charge while it functions to maintain and balance the charges on both sides. This process then prevents any internal discharges. A dissipative anti-static bag dispels and prevents any type of electrical charge from reaching the protected product inside.

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