Anti-Static Bags Prevent Electrostatic Damage in Highly Sensitive Electronic Devices

15 Jun 2018

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Atlantic Poly Anti-Static Bag

Static sensitive items such as electronic devices should be delicately handled especially when in contact with other items. These gadgets and equipment can be damaged by electrostatic discharge. Static emissions can occur during human handling or contact with electronics and their parts. Thus, in industrial settings where electronics are manufactured anti-static bags are indispensable for daily packaging.

Anti-static bags in Boston, MA are available in various sizes and types making them suitable for various content. The pink anti-static bag is commonly used for less sensitive electronic items which are still receptive to static discharges. They also prevent the buildup of static inside the bag. Metallic static shielding bags are available as well which offer Faraday Cage Protection for highly sensitive products. This keeps static electricity from penetrating the contents.

When choosing anti-static protective bags, businesses are making an investment to further protect products during storage and shipping. Contact Atlantic Poly for more information on anti-static packaging.