Anti-Static Bags Protect Electrostatic-Sensitive Devices (ESD) when Displayed, Stored, or Shipped – Manchester, NH

26 Apr 2016

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Polyethylene packaging products are not only limited to plastic bags, garment bags, grocery bags, or typical packaging supplies. They also include specially manufactured bags that ensure the safety of static-sensitive electronics in any circumstance. In fact, there are now many different variants of anti-static bags as packaging materials that are now in high demand in the market.

Anti-static bags in Manchester, NH are ideal for safekeeping electronic components that get easily damaged when exposed to static electricity. These specialty plastic bags are made of polyethylene and are used to control the electrostatic discharge in electronic components preventing them from damage when displayed, stored, or shipped.

Electrostatic-sensitive devices or ESDs should be placed inside anti-static poly bags in order to protect them. These polyethylene bags are available in various sizes and thickness, so that even irregularly shaped ESDs can be placed within them for protection against static electricity. They are also available in distinctive colors, usually black or pink, for easier identification.

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