Anti-Static Bags: Protective Packaging for Electronic Components

31 Jul 2020

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Atlantic Poly, Inc - Anti-Static Bags

With the recent packaging technology, shipping products or storing electronic components are critically important the reason why packaging strategies are designed to keep those items safe. For this purpose, packaging companies are focusing on the highest product security with Anti-static bags or Static shielding bags that are cost-effective, reliable, and efficient. The bags to be used depending on the item to be shipped out or stored within the protective packaging. There are a lot of electronic components that are very sensitive and are at risk of being damaged when it comes to electrostatic discharges.

In order to prevent static electricity interacting with sensitive electrical components, Anti-static bags will help shield these components from static electricity. Failure to do so will cause major damage to the internal circuitry of components that will make them useless. Once the components become electrically charged when they come into contact with another material then turbocharging will result due to the buildup of static electricity. Adding more, any item inside an anti-static bag is the only one protected. In any case, a hardware device is placed on top of the bag and not inside of the bag definitely it will not protect it. More so, it will be more dangerous to place an electrostatic-sensitive device on top of the bag.

Anti-static bags come in many different sizes from small bags to big bags for motherboards. Most anti-static bags are made of pink and transparent poly films. They are vapor proof, waterproof, and greaseproof. Being made of transparent material, you will easily see what is stored inside. Generally if you purchased a computer hardware device, in particular, a hard drive, sound card, or video card most likely it came inside an anti-static bag.

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