Anti-static Bags Provide Additional Protection for Static-Sensitive Items During Storage and Shipment – Providence, RI

21 Jul 2015

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Polyethylene bags are durable and reliable packaging products. In fact, they are so versatile that they also cater to applications that require a specific kind of protection needed by static-sensitive items. Every bag in the anti-static series available at Atlantic Poly conforms to rigorous engineering and governmental benchmarks in order to assure you that these products are reliable in serving their purposes.

Poly bags can be custom-engineered as anti-static bags that are intended to provide the needed protection of static-sensitive items such as electronic devices especially during storage and shipment. They normally have a distinctive color, usually pink or black according to their properties. Their color also helps remind handlers that items inside can be negatively affected by an electrostatic energy.

Anti-static bags in Providence, RI are also called conductive bags. In order to achieve the anti-static effect in these poly bags, they are made to be slightly conductive thereby forming a Faraday Cage around the items to be protected. As a result, discharges from external sources will be kept from being deposited onto the items while the packages are in the move.

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