Anti-Static Bags Provide ESD Protection at The Most Economical Cost – Wilmington, MA

30 Dec 2016

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Anti-static bags are polyethylene packaging products that are intended for storing electronic devices and components which are prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge. Anti-static bags are actually conductive bags that come with distinctive colors according to their properties, but the anti-static poly bags are usually pink or black. Additionally, the polyethylene variant can also be made as sheets of foam or bubble wrap.

Aside from color variations, the anti-static bags in Wilmington, MA are also available in several sizes and thickness. This is to consider the extremely small or irregular electronic components that are adversely affected by electrostatic. They are strategically developed to have anti-static effect and provide additional protection for the electronic devices and components while in transit, in storage, or on display.

Anti-static poly bags are the only plastic bags that are acceptable in Electro-protected Area (EPA). These bags provide basic low-end electro-static discharge protection at the most economical cost. If you are packaging electronic components that do not require Faraday Cage protection, using these poly bags is the way to go. These anti-static polyethylene bags make sure that static electricity inside the bag is prevented so not to cause damage to these components. Otherwise, static will render these electronic components useless.

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