Anti-Static Bags Safely Protect Electronic Devices and Components from Static Discharge

13 Apr 2018

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Atlantic Poly Anti-Static Bag

If you are working in an industry that deals with delicate electronics, static discharge can be one of the most expensive and dangerous risks to components. Moreover, if you fail to adequately protect products and components from the risks of static discharge during transportation and storage, you will end up with extensive loss and lower return on investment. To protect your electronic devices and components from mechanical and electrostatic damage, using anti-static polyethylene bags is your best solution.

Anti-static bags in Norwood, MA are specially designed and used to provide protection for devices and other electric components which are static sensitive. Computer components such as motherboards, hard drives, optical drives, memory cards, and other items of a similar nature like electronic circuits and internal electronic components can easily be damaged by static discharge. Anti-static bags are made of electrically-conductive plastic that dissipates any static electric charges that start to form. Whether you’re trying to avoid damage to sensitive electronic devices and components or trying to keep a volatile environment safe, preventing static discharge from potentially charged items with anti-static bags is a sound policy.

Anti-static bags come with multiple layers of protection helping products reach their designated destinations safely. These anti-static poly bags vary from their specific applications. Pink anti-static bags remove the danger of static build-up in applications which do not require faraday cage protection while metallic static shielding bags combine faraday cage protection with maximum visibility for highly sensitive applications.

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