Anti-Static Poly Bags Are Perfect for Storing, Packaging, and Displaying Delicate Electronics – East Providence, RI

19 Aug 2016

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The line of Polyethylene packaging products is made up of printed plastic bags that are found in grocery stores, retail, and dry cleaning shops. But anti-static bags are also available which are very useful and necessary for storing electronic devices, parts, and accessories.

Atlantic Poly has a large supply of anti-static bags that are ready to ship out daily. These poly bags are perfect for storing, packaging, and/or displaying delicate electronics. Businesses can get innovative custom designs in various sizes, shapes, strengths, and shades to fit the unique requirements of your application.

Anti-static poly bags are necessary to protect sensitive electronic devices, parts, and accessories for sale or in manufacturing. Hard drives, batteries, memory sticks, flash drives, card readers, and components are all affected by static. Anti-static poly bags provide the protection that these parts and devices need while keeping them dust- and dirt-free while in storage, on display, or in transit. Anti-static bags prevent cases of electrostatic discharge that has adverse effects on electronic devices, parts, and accessories.

To find out more about anti-static poly bags and other polyethylene packaging products, contact Atlantic Poly.