Anti-Static Poly Bags: Manufacturing Safety Utility Tool

29 Feb 2020

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Uncontrolled static electricity ruins a wide range of American manufacturing products. Business across the greater Boston area and beyond for decades now have turned to Atlantic Poly’s anti-static packaging products as an affordable static electricity counter measure to protect sensitive commodity products.

Once placed within our anti-static bags, your products are guaranteed to be safe from the dangers of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects. For sensitive electrical components, ESD is ruinous. While ESD threat peaks in the winter, the comparatively low ESD summer threat gives way to an equally high new threat, humidity. Our anti-static poly bags are also exceptional in protecting commodity products from the threat of humidity as well.

Anti-static bags serve more than the one role in commodity protection. These bags are commonly used to store and transport any ESD conductive materials such as safety equipment, manufacturing equipment, spare parts, and other things which can trigger ESD discharge.

Atlantic Poly is your value source for anti-static packaging. Call us for a breakdown of all your options.