Branded Plastic Bags for your Business

31 Oct 2013

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Amidst all the conversation about paper vs. plastic you may be reconsidering your business decisions to use plastic bags for your customers’ purchases. While you know that plastic bags are more economical and better for the environment, both in manufacturing and in transportation, the conversation still exists in the news.

But all it takes is education. Plastic bags use less resources in the manufacturing process, and, when disposed of properly, are no worse on the environment then paper. Plus, plastic bags are more practical for business use. Not only are they more easily stored, taking up less space while storing more, they are reusable. With company branded plastic bags, you extend your brand when your bags are reused. And we all know that plastic t-shirt bags are always reused.

Branded plastic bags are very practical for businesses to use for customers’ purchases. Those same customers re-use those plastic bags at home and in life. If your business uses plastic bags, use branded plastic bags to promote your brand. Your company’s plastic bags don’t have to be ordinary.

If you need or would prefer tinted, opaque or colored plastic bags to match your corporate logo, Atlantic Poly can supply a variety of different colors in white, black, red, ivory, blues, greens yellows and violet. Additionally, colored plastic bags are available in both opaque or tinted.

For more information on branded plastic bags, contact Atlantic Poly.