Bubble Pack and Wrap: Packaging Products that Never Grow Old – Boston, MA

25 Nov 2016

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Bubble packs and wraps are among the most popular polyethylene packaging products in many different businesses across various industries. There are a lot of benefits to using bubble packs. They are also reusable and recyclable so you can enjoy the benefits while being green.

Bubble pack was an accidental discovery by two engineers. Since their discovery in 1957, bubble pack and bubble wrap has revolutionized the packaging industry. They are, in fact, packaging products that will never grow outdated. They are widely used for shipping fragile items because the cushion-like packaging provides protection that helps prevent breakage while in transit.

If packing and shipping costs are a concern, rely on bubble packs in Boston, MA. The bubbles are air-filled which makes them light weight while they add a cushion or buffer to the packaged items. This packaging material is so light that it will not raise freight charges. They are also available in bags, sheets, and rolls so companies can choose the best style that best fits the application.

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