Bubble Pack Ensures that Fragile Items are Intact upon Arrival

14 Jul 2017

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Atlantic Poly bubble pack

When great care is required in transporting items, bubble packs are an excellent choice for businesses. These packaging materials provide the needed protection for fragile items allowing product to reach their destinations without damage.

When items arrive damaged, this causes additional expense to businesses and frustration to consumers, not to mention additional time for the completion of the transaction. For business owners who are shipping fragile or shock resistant items, bubble pack should be a staple.

When transporting fragile items protection needs to be provided on all sides. When there is an external pressure the packaging needs to be substantial and effective enough to eliminate damage. This is where the added protection of bubble packs is needed. The bubbles act like tiny cushions giving fragile items more than enough protection against vibrations, blows, and other external impact. Because the air-filled cushions can take the shape of the object being wrapped, bubble wrap is ideal for irregularly shaped items as well. The air-filled cushions block and absorb unwelcome strong forces coming from outside the package.

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