Bubble Pack Provides Additional Protection for Fragile Items During Shipping and Storage – Seekonk, MA

22 Jul 2016

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Polyethylene packaging productshave been very useful in many businesses across various industries for shipping and storing. For instance, for packaging highly valuable and fragile items the use of poly bubble packs has become common practice.

The bubble packs provide additional protection for fragile and delicate items, especially when being shipped over long distances. Being one of the most popular packaging products in the market today, poly bubble packs are also used for storing breakable goods before and after shipping.

One benefit of using bubble packs in Manchester, NH is that they provide extra protection without adding to the overall weight of the package. This is because of the evenly distributed air-filled cushions that do not add any significant weight which can lead to incurring additional freight charges.

Bubble pack varies in size so shipping departments never need to worry about finding the right amount of cushion for the application. Usually, the bubbles are larger when the item to be stored or shipped is larger and smaller for items of less bulk.

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