Bubble Pack Provides Superior Protection for Sensitive and Fragile Items – Providence, RI

15 Feb 2016

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Bubble pack is one of the most widely used polyethylene packaging products in the market today. Bubble packs and bags are not just plastic sheets that are wrapped around items, in a box, bubble wrap acts as a cushion or barrier around packaged items. If you ship fragile items, the best way to keep them safe through the entire process is with bubble pack. Bubble wrap provides an air barrier to better protect fragile items during storage or shipping.

Bubble packs in Providence, RI are manufactured to be better able to provide superior cushioning without adding weight to the package. Packaging cost is also reduced because less material is required to achieve better protection for fragile items. Bubble packs also come with air retention layers that maintain a consistent cushion for the packed items throughout the shipping cycle. Because of the unmatched protection provided by poly bubble packs, the need to ship replacement products is decreased or eliminated. Businesses will not only save on packaging costs, they will also minimize product returns and replacements due to damage during shipment.

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