Bubble Packs and Wrap have Revolutionized Packaging – East Providence, RI

24 Jun 2016

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Bubble wrap is one of the most popular polyethylene packaging products used in shipping products. It provides excellent protection for shipping or storing fragile, breakable goods without adding weight to the package. Bubble wrap and bubble bags are the packaging of choice in many industries.

Bubble packs were an accidental discovery by it's inventors in 1957. Who would have thought that an accident would revolutionized the packaging industry? The size of the bubbles vary in size depending on the size and fragility of the item being stored or shipped. Generally the bubble wrap with the smaller bubbles is used for smaller items like electronics and glassware while the wrap with the larger bubbles is used for larger items like furniture.

Bubble packs in East Providence, RI use evenly distributed air cushions that provide unmatched protection for items while in transit or in storage. The air bubbles are trapped between two films of clear plastic in order to offer shock and vibration protection so that fragile items do not get damaged.

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