Bubble Packs Offer Greater Protection without Adding Weight – Boston, MA

16 Sep 2016

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Bubble packs are one of the most common polyethylene packaging products used today. This is because bubble packs offer greater protection to shipped and stored items without adding weight to the package itself.

Bubble packs in Boston, MA come in various sizes and thickness in order to cater to the varying needs of every business. Bubble wrap is also available in rolls, sheets, or bags.

Bubble wrap is inexpensive and has numerous advantages over other plastic packaging products. They provide excellent protection with less packing material which lowers the overall costs. Because the pockets or bubbles are air-filled, they provide unmatched cushion while remaining lightweight keeping freight charges low.

All bubble wrap are reusable and recyclable. As a matter of fact, biodegradable bubble packs are also available in the market. These bubble packs will break down in landfills and are completely absorbed into the soil making them user-friendly and environment-friendly.

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