Bubble Wrap for Shipping this Season

26 Nov 2013

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It is shipping season, whether you are an online retailer, manufacturer, or distributor. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap and bubble pack bags are popular packaging materials that are used for protecting goods during shipping.

When your business is involved in shipping, you need to be sure that the product is as safe, secure and protected as it can possibly be during shipment.  If the items are breakable, you need to be sure that the goods are extra secure so that the item arrives safe, undamaged and intact on the other end.

Having products arrive safely ensured your business standards, reputation and keeps your business running more efficiently. For this, bubble wrap and bubble pack are the perfect packaging products.

Bubble bags can be customized in a variety of sizes and weights and are an easy and convenient product that can be used efficiently by your employees. Bubble bags are especially popular for businesses who storage and ship artwork. They are also used for electronics and all things breakable.

For wrapping fragile items, bubble wrap and bubble bags are perfect because they can offer a better level of protection than packing peanuts, keeping items perfectly protected, unmovable and insulated.

Bubble Wrap provides outstanding protection from damage caused by shock, vibration or abrasion. It is easy to use and reduces packaging time and labor costs. Atlantic Poly is a Bubble Wrap supplier that can keep up with supply during the holiday season. Contact us.