Bubble Wrap Provides Extra Protection without Consuming Space and Adding Weight to Packages – Boston, MA

13 Feb 2015

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Bubble wrap in Boston, MA are particularly high in demand in regards to packaging materials because of their high quality and unmatched versatility. They come in several sizes of rolls, bags, or sheets and can be customized according to the customer’s specific requirements and preferences.

Just like other packaging products, bubble wrap comes in color variants based on their application. Bubble wrap can an anti-static version as well. The pink bubble wrap is widely used in packaging sensitive electronic gadgets and parts. Color may vary according to composition. Green bubble wrap is made of recycled plastic while white bubble wrap is made of at least 70% pure polyethylene resin.

The tiny beads of air that are systematically arranged in plastic bubble wraps provide the additional protection to the objects being packed. Bubble wrap adheres to the shape of delicate items, serving as a cushion without consuming a lot of space or adding weight to the overall package load. The air cushion film protects the items against damage due to abrasion, shock, or vibration while being shipped long distances.

Poly bubble wrap and other polyethylene packaging products are safe and effective for all types of shipping. For more details, contact Atlantic Poly.