Bubble Wrap Provides Premium Protection for Fragile and Sensitive Items - Boston, MA

22 Sep 2014

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Polyethylene bubble wrap contain small air pockets that help provide premium protection for fragile or sensitive items during shipment. It can be customized in different sizes and types so that it can be used for many different applications like surface or spot protection, void-fill, blocking and bracing. Bubble wrap is pliable and comes in bags, rolls, pouches, sheets, anti-static or in dispenser packs. The bubbles can even be formed in various shapes for different levels of cushioning protection and air retention barriers.

Bubble wrap in Boston, MA reduces packaging time and labor costs. This air cellular cushioning material has regularly and strategically spaced protruding bubbles that prevent abrasion, shock, or vibration from causing damage to the wrapped items. You will need less packaging materials and still achieve a longer lasting protection with bubble wrap because their air retention layers maintain consistent cushioning throughout the entire shipping cycle.

Using bubble wrap for your packaging material reduces breakage which can help eliminate the need to ship replacement products. Also, some bubble wrap has adhesive-coated cushioning. This allows it to directly adhere to clean surfaces which eliminates taping and reduces handling. Bubble wrap is flexible plastic sheeting that is effective in protecting your products from the hazards of shipping. It is safe to use and it is environmentally friendly.

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