Bubble Wrap Safeguards Shipment Quality for Consumer Electronics

11 Dec 2017

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Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Boston, MA

Polyethylene bubble wrap is one of the most sought after packaging materials in shipping logistics. This is due to its effectiveness and versatility in protecting finished goods against shock, scratches and and other surface damages caused by uncontrolled movement during transportation.

Bubble wrap in Boston, MA is highly effective when used in maintaining shipment quality of consumer electronic products with casings that are mostly metallic, alloy, or hard plastic. Hard surfaces such as metals and plastic molds tend to be more susceptible to dents and surface damages during collision with adjacent objects. Their flexibility to cover surfaces of any shape makes them the ideal packaging material for the consumer electronics business.

When consumer electronic products reach retail stores, bubble wrap use is maximized since movement of goods also increases during distribution. Distributors and dealers make repacking or packaging modifications to match local demands and warehouse requirements. Since sudden movements and vibration are inevitable in logistics, retailers ensure that their products are covered with bubble wrap and bubble pack in order to maintain high quality of goods until the moment of purchase. To find out more about bubble wraps Contact Atlantic Poly.