Bulk Bubble Pack All Your Shipping and Storage Needs

25 Oct 2019

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Atlantic Poly Bubble wrap in Providence, RI

Bubble packs are used for a variety of purposes. It is used to wrap, pack, contain and cushion items especially fragile ones for shipping and storage. It's a preferred choice by many shipping companies because it is easy to use and broad size options available for distinct needs. They come in rolls, bags, and pouches.


  • Transparent - for easy identification of items it contains
  • Flexible - easy to conform items with unusual shapes for easy wrapping
  • Resistant to puncture and provides extra cushioning protection to fragile items it contains
  • Available in different cell heights, roll widths, and lengths
  • Various performance grades which ranges from heavy-duty to light
  • They can also be anti-static, adhesive, cohesive and recycled content

Polyethylene bubble packs offer a versatile packaging solution that is easy to use even if you are a novice or skilled packer. Bubble packs in Boston, MA is the ideal solution to daily packing needs. It will protect your products against breakage, surface scratches and stabilizes the item while inside the container.

For more information about bubble packs, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.