Bulk Shrink Film Services: We Keep American Commerce Moving

15 Jul 2022

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Atlantic Poly - Bulk Shrink Film

For decades, shrink film products have served American commerce due to the product’s flexibility, durability, custom branding, and other traits. Shrink film has been the preferred choice in wrapping most of the products for transport or to extend shelf life from foods, small electrical materials, beverages, books, bulk boxes and other merchandise. With shrink films, it offers a popular approach to packaging flexibility.

Shrink wrap is the perfect choice for food production companies. It preserves the food either for transport or to extend shelf life. It is conveniently used for small electrical wires to prevent exposure to moisture. Shrink film is known to be used for any size project. Like the freight on trailers and trains are being shrink wrapped for easier transport. And it will be seen on construction sites that the entire buildings have been shrink wrapped to prevent chemical leaks or exposure from hazardous materials. Shrink film is a versatile polymer material that is generally used for packaging of finished goods. And for packaging the finished product, heat is applied to the film by an electric or gas heat gun and the film shrink tightens around the item placed within. It seals the open end of the plastic. Once sealed, the heat gun warms the bag causing it to shrink and conform to the interior product.

With shrink films, its ultimate goal is putting ahead the customer requirements and its product. It ensures protection due to its durability and tampering will be avoided because once it is sealed any tampering will be noticeable immediately. And most especially it minimizes space since it bundles items close together without the use of additional bulky materials such as boxes. It saves a lot of money because it saves space both in storage and transport.

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