Custom American Made Commodity Packaging at Value Pricing

24 Feb 2022

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Atlantic Poly, Inc - Poly Sheeting

Our wide assortment of poly products is proven to be effective and value-based commodity packaging for the widest array of American enterprise. It is proven to secure the product with the material that is soft, puncture resistant, high in clarity, heat sealable and secures tightly the product. With Poly sheeting, it develops full protection packaging to the highest standard.

Polyethylene sheeting has been proven to be good for packaging. It developed full protection due to its leakage proof characteristics which means it does not allow water vapor to pass through it. It is heat sealed which is favorable in wrapping around the product and secured with an airtight seal. It is even more favored for electronic components because it gives protection from moisture and tampering. Being a versatile packaging film, polyethylene sheeting is being used in advertising to fit the product making it very adaptable. In addition to being customizable, the thickness and clarities and various different colors are customized depending on the design and style of the company. More so, it offers topmost plastic protection because it is lightweight and takes up less space and its durability is suitable for transport or delivery. In addition, it contributes in preserving food which makes it stay longer on the shelves and ensures that large amounts of food will not go to waste.

Polyethylene sheeting has been the most in demand packaging that serves all the needs in packaging food, electrical components, chemicals and almost all the products in the planet. It will be very difficult to transport and utilize a wide range of products that are not secured with plastic protection and which people rely on every day. Ultimately because it has many benefits and proven to be suitable for packaging, it is the main reason why it has been used to make many products for a long time.

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