Custom High-Density Bags: Plastic Packaging with Extra Strength

11 Jan 2024

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Atlantic Poy - High-Density Poly Bag

High-Density plastic bags are here to stay. It is due to its easy availability, affordability, and ease of handling. The high-density bags depend on their construction. HPDE or high-density polyethylene bags are known for their excellent strength and toughness.

It is known that high density bags have a different manufacturing process compared to low density garbage bags. It possesses a clear appearance, is thinner and is widely used for carrying loads with no pointed edges. More so, high-density bags are used in commercial and residential kitchens because they offer moisture protection. Large sized high-density bags are stronger than smaller ones. The choice of application between the high-density bags and low-density bags will entirely depend on the application requirements. Further, high density bags have available seals. The seal symbolizes the method by which the bags' bottom layers are fused together. There are mainly three types of seals: star, float, and gussets. The bottom of the bags with star seals are blended several times and sealed. This easily fits into the container. The ends of gusset seal bags are tucked in, which makes them leakproof. Flat seals are easy to spread, and they do not collect any waste in them.

Finally, quality is another requirement that is often overlooked. It is important to invest in a quality bag because if the bags tear away, cleaning the spillage will be difficult. If your business requires high-density bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.