Custom-Made Poly Shrouds and Bags Can Be Used to Protect Large Products and Promote Your Brand

22 Jun 2018

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Atlantic Poly - Custom Made Poly Shrouds, Hartford, CT

Poly shrouds are commonly used in factories to protect large items from ESD and other contaminants. This is usually applied for safe packing whether the item is in storage or being prepared for shipment. Because many items have irregular sizes, custom-made poly shrouds are available to safely cover items with larger dimensions.

Polyethylene shroud in Hartford, CT are used for packing and covering auto parts, electronic devices, pallets of boxes, and other heavy equipment. They are economical, low density and anti-static. They come in various sizes to fit any item and can be further customized to conform to the shape of the object. Various colors are also available depending on your purpose or application.

Moreover, custom-made polyethylene bags and shrouds can be printed for branding and labeling purposes. This superior strength material provides protection to product using branded poly bags and shrouds.

For high quality custom-designed poly shrouds and bags, contact Atlantic Poly.