Custom Pressure Sensitive Commodity Product Labels

10 Feb 2022

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Atlantic Poly, Inc - Pressure Sensitive Label

In order to meet customer fulfillment, it is necessary to have happy customers and end users and we know that torn, damaged or smudged labels will not do that. Pressure sensitive labels provide amazing print quality and durability so that the product will reach end users with labels.

Labels are used to convey important messages to consumers in every industry. It consists of different materials like paper, plastic film, cloth, metal or other materials affixed to a container or product on which is written or printed information or symbols about the product. It is a type of system designed to apply pressure sensitive labels to the product with single or multiple panels. It is very similar to a sticker. And a pressure sensitive label is made up of three layers: a face stock, an adhesive and a release liner. When the label is manufactured, the three components are sandwiched together in order to create a label material that will be printed on, laminated, die-cut or soon peeled off and applied to a particular product. It is a top notch labelling system to enhance the production line and fully protect the finished product.

Pressure sensitive labelling provides the perfect brand appeal and is very cost efficient. Generally, it appears in sharp, bright colors applied in different applications. It is easily applied and easily removed by peeling off the label from the container. It looks great and contains all the important information needed for the product.

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