Custom Printed Auto Bags for Fast Commercial Packing

31 May 2019

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Atlantic Poly Custom Printed Auto Bags

Looking for a better solution for your automated packing services? Atlantic Poly Auto bags offers quick fill packaging solutions for products in varieties of sizes.

Our plastic auto bags are designed to transport a myriad of items that are packaged automatically. The material reduces the risk of ripping and tearing. These are ideal in factory use and other product packaging setting where quick filling process is required. These can also be used for storing both small and large items. Moreover, our polyethylene auto bags made here in Boston, MA are available in various colors and styles. You can also request for a custom print so you can put your labels or logo for identification or advertising purposes.

Customized Auto Bags are crafted from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene and meets FDA and USDA requirements for food service applications. So it is safe to use for packing food products. For more information on customized auto bags, contact Atlantic Poly, Inc.