Custom Teflon Bags: For Safe Storage and Handling of Food Products

06 Jan 2023

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Atlantic Poly - Teflon Bags

Teflon bags, also known as teflon pouches, are heat-resistant and non-stick bags made from a material called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is commonly known as Teflon.

These custom made bags are used to contain food items heated within microwave ovens without allowing the food to stick to the bag. Teflon bags can also be used for storage and transportation of food, keeping them fresh and free of moisture.

Why Use Teflon Bags?

  • Non-Stick Surface: Teflon bags have a non-stick surface, making it easy to remove food items without having them stick to the bag.
  • Microwave Safe: Teflon bags can be used in a microwave oven, making it convenient to reheat food.
  • Heat Resistant: Teflon bags are heat-resistant, allowing them to be used at high temperatures without melting or catching fire.
  • Chemical Resistant: Teflon is chemically resistant, so the bags do not break down or release harmful chemicals when exposed to certain substances.
  • Easy to Clean: Teflon bags are easy to clean and maintain, as food does not stick to them.
  • Food Safe: Teflon is food safe, so there is no risk of food contamination.
  • Durable: Teflon bags are durable and long-lasting, providing good value for money.

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