Drum Liners Save Money and Offer Protection

24 Jun 2013

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Manufacturing companies and remodeling and construction companies all have in common the possibility of exposure to potentially hazardous materials, whether they are chemicals in liquid form, or air born contaminants. For protection from hazardous materials companies use Roll Off Dumpster Liners.  Roll Off Dumpster Liners are garbage bags for the dumpster that are easy to use, easy to dispose of, and keep hazardous materials contained .
Keeping the workplace safe and secure, while saving money is important to every business. Roll off dumpster liners add a level of safety and security in the workplace that cannot be achieved by using dumpsters alone. Dumpster liners allow another level of additional security against leaks and spills as well as air born hazards.

Industrial facilities and construction sites that are involved with hazardous materials need to exercise extra precautions; these precautions are economically addressed with dumpster liners therefore better protecting workers, employees, and all others who may be in the immediate area. Additionally, dumpster liners lower wash-out costs and increase container longevity.

Roll off liners are used daily by manufacturing companies as well as concrete, asbestos abatement, and environmental services companies to contain hazardous materials. Made from polyethylene they provide a cleaner, safer, easier way to dump debris, and other airborne contaminants. For a quote, contact Atlantic Poly Inc.