Drum Liners to Dispose of Hazardous Materials

21 Mar 2014

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Companies that come into contact with or dispose of hazardous materials that need to be contained, drum liners are the solution.  The possibility of exposure to hazardous chemicals, friable materials, blood and body fluids cannot be ignored if your industry is disposal, demolition or involved in bio waste.

Spilling these materials poses a health risk to the environment, to employees, and to pedestrians. Drum liners give your business an extra level of security against leaks, spills and contamination. Plastic drum liners are necessary to keep chemical contents separated from other materials and waste products.  In many states and situations this is actually mandated by law.

DrumSkin are Poly Plastic Drum Liners from Atlantic Poly that provide an extra level of safety, reliability and protection when used for dense or viscous materials. Keeping your employees and the environment safe requires a high standard of practice. Local, state and federal regulations make it harder and harder to maintain standards of removal and disposal. Drum liners can accommodate those standards.

Even if what you are disposing of is not hazardous, using drum liners ensures additional security against leaks and spills.

As a Polyethylene and Poly Drum Liner supplier, Atlantic Poly Inc provides a sensible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for storing, mixing and processing liquids, pastes and powders. Contact us for a quote.