DrumSkins Drum Liners Should be SOP

02 Oct 2017

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When handling drum and trash barrels in any business, particularly in medicine manufacturing, food processing in regards to greases and oils, and paint and adhesives, having standard operating procedures (SOPs) is imperative. With an established SOP, a safe and seamless process for production, transport, and storage can be ensured. SOPs specify the particular steps to follow from the beginning to end as well as for the materials that need to be used to guarantee quality throughout the process. Using hefty drum liners is part of these SOPs involving viscous materials.

There are many benefits to using high quality drum liners in Providence, RI. These liners are flexible and durable because they are designed to fit in both steel and plastic drums of various sizes.

DrumSkins drum liners are constructed from FDA-approved polyethylene and are available in varied gallon sizes and wall thickness. The liners can fit drums from 5 gallons to 55 gallons. Available in either 15mil or 18mil and corrugated or straight-sided, these low density polyethylene DrumSkins drum liners help minimize drum cleaning and replacement reducing waste and prevent product spoilage. They also provide a better moisture and chemical barrier and offer higher resistance to tear propagation. These drum liners make it possible to handle waste and hazardous materials without threat to the environment.

To find out more about hefty Drumskins drum liners and their applications, contact Atlantic Poly.