Dust Barriers: Leave Your Work Site Clean

01 Apr 2014

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A happy client is a client that gives referrals. As a home remodeler, you know that one of your client’s chief concerns is cleanliness. No one likes to come home to a house covered in dust. But, in home remodeling, dust is part of the process. But you can help cut down on dust in your client’s home with plastic dust barriers.

Remodeling magazines and contractors have been saying that home remodeling projects are increasing. Take advantage by getting more referrals from your existing clientele. Plastic dust shields, construction film, and plastic floor protection help keep the house around the remodeling project dust-free.

Dust barriers or construction film are perfect for those contractors who are interested in keeping their customers’ homes as clean and as dust-free as possible. Everyone knows that dust is a problem when remodeling. But keeping your customers happy – and their homes clean - is very important for repeat and referral business. Contain dusty areas as much possible with construction film and dust barriers.

Dust control products include temporary barrier systems, plastic sheeting, and floor coverings. Contractors who use dust control supplies keep their clients happy and cut down on labor costs for cleanup. This is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and referrals. For a competitive quote on construction film and floor coverings, contact Atlantic Poly.