Exciting Facts About Polyethylene Garment Bags

11 Oct 2019

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Atlantic Poly, Boston, MA -  Garment Bags

It makes perfect sense to safely protect and store expensive wardrobes, such as suits, dresses, leathers or wool jackets. Clothes require continuous care and protection against all sorts of environmental elements like dust, dirt, molds and pesky insects. These must be all taken account when garments have to be stored for long season.

When garments are unprotected from these elements, they can sustain lasting damages. In addition, many people are insensible of the type of garment bag they use. Some materials may even be the cause of damage to the garment.

There are a lot of challenges and concerns related to plastic. However, plastic is universal. From a functional point of view, it presents stupendous advantages to natural alternatives. Plastic may come thick and durable and they can also be made rigid or flexible. They can be clear or colored; and waterproof with strong air permeability characteristics. It is also lightweight makes them perfect for shipping use since they are energy and cost efficient over other alternatives. They make perfect garment bags because of these attributes.

These functional benefits explain why ecommerce businesses often prefer plastic when protecting and shipping products. Clear Bag or Protective Bag or Clear Poly Bag are widely used to package varieties of goods and protect merchandises like garments.

Clear plastic bags are overall made of plastic. Commonly used to protect and separate products. They are usually self-sealing as they are made with adhesive flap.

In contrast, recycled plastic is made of waste. By producing stuff out of the recycling waste flow, we indeed enhance our capacity to recycle since we help mold the markets that are needed to drive the recycling distribution network.

Facilitating campaigns to promote the recycling of recyclable plastic bags is a matter which all industry should execute. If your business does have a clear need for clear bags or polyethylene garment bags, look for ways to make this element of your packaging as sustainable as possible.

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